Klip Tank

Kliptank Ltd™ was the first NZ producer of internationally patented above ground modular HDPE bulk storage tanks for use as water tanks and effluent tanks. We also make storage tanks for whey, molasses, wine, juice, oils and wastewater treatment plants

Quick Installation Kliptanks can be constructed faster than any other tank. All the components are custom fabricated beforehand, resulting in on site construction time of 3 – 6 days

Aesthetically Attractive Kliptanks are pleasing to look at and blend into the environment. Their Mist Green walls and Forest Green roofs can make them hard to spot!

Anywhere, Anytime Kliptanks can be installed anywhere provided a flat platform can be established. Ideal for difficult or restricted areas like islands, basements and industrial sites

No foundations Our standard Kliptank™ sites require minimal earthworks: no concrete pads, no shifting of underground pipes/cables, no heavy machinery. Kliptank’s patented design makes the tank strong but flexible, uniquely suitable for unstable ground like peat, sand, or high water tables

Feature Range Kliptank™ inlets/outlets can be located where required including wall fittings, roof fittings, scour drains and more! Kliptanks can also be customised to accommodate any type of instrumentation or process equipment

Perfect Seal Kliptank™ roof covers have a unique design which provide a 100% seal, easily the best sealing system on the market. No need to worry about intrusion from vermin or insects.

Easy Access Kliptanks can be fitted with a range of access options, including ladders, stairways, platforms and manways to meet any maintenance requirements

Relocatable Kliptanks can easily be relocated offering flexibility to move where you need them

Custom Design Each Kliptank™ is uniquely designed by our engineers to be site-specificto meet the New Zealand Building Code. We work with all local councils to obtain Building Consent for you saving paperwork, time & answer those tricky questions often posed by Councils

Warranty We offer a 15 Year Tank Warranty and a 20 Year Liner Warranty