The price of your system is one consideration, but there are a number of others before you decide which way to go; what’s the life expectancy of your system, does it make good use of energy? Is it efficient with the water available to use? Anyone can supply an irrigation system, at Think Water we do just that, as well as think about what is best for you, the environment and what the ongoing running costs will be.

We Use computer-aided-design to produce very detailed site plans with all the elements required to install a fully functional micro irrigation system, efficiently and most importantly, effectively.
We have intimate knowledge of sprinkler characteristics, pressure and flow rate requirements coupled with water friction loss calculations allowing us to specify the correct pump and pipe sizing to fulfil the needs of the system. It also means we can make allowances and recommendations, if required, to future-proof any particular detail of any given system

Being local we know your climate, your water and the land, so if you’re thinking irrigation, think Think Water – it’s that simple.