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Davey Water Products – Home Pressure Systems

Davey’s range of Home Pressure Systems have been a trusted part of domestic water supply in New Zealand for decades, owing to our core product attributes of reliability, technology and service. Now Davey has refreshed its range to make it easier for you to choose the product that is right for you. And by ‘right’ we mean the right water flow, the right water pressure and the right controller features for your home or application.

The Lifestyle Series

Our Lifestyle Series home pressure systems is the leading family of products in Australia and New Zealand, for pumping clean water for household supply, irrigation, water transfer, washing systems and pressure boosting. Ideal for larger homes requiring the very best water pressure experience. The Lifestyle Series home pressure systems use our world-leading Torrium2 controller. Torrium2 uses its intelligent adaptive technology, and innovative flow and pressure sensors to provide constant flow with even water pressure.

All of the Lifestyle Series home pressure system pumps use high efficiency quiet impellers to provide more pressure at your taps. They are easy to install and service and are designed for a long life (given the demands of starting and stopping in a home environment). To assist with longevity we only use 304 Stainless Steel casings which also
withstand pressure variations. The pumps are driven by our own TEFC motor with an IP55-rated enclosure. This provides excellent corrosion, water and dust resistance. Our pumps are manufactured to superior insulation and ambient temperature ratings. This
provides improved tolerance to voltage variations and gives you reliability on even the hottest days.

To ensure peace of mind, every pump is run and tested in our plant here in New Zealand. Davey’s Lifestyle Range of home water pressure system pumps including Torrium2 have been certified as AS/NZS 4020 compliant. This means that products in contact with
drinking water do not affect the taste or appearance of the water; do not support the growth of micro-organisms and do not release cytotoxic or mutagenic compounds or metals into the water.