Spa/Pool Chemicals

Dolphin Pacific is New Zealand owned and operated. We provide pool chemicals and equipment to pool shops and pool builders NZ wide. We are all about providing great service and great products for your swimming pools!

Our range consists of:

  • Dolphin robotic pool cleaners by Maytronics
  • OzoneSwim by Brauer Industries
  • Pool chemicals and accessories by Focus
  • Pool lights by Bellson

Maytronics are the world market leaders in robotic pool cleaners. They have been producing robotic pool cleaners for 30 years and are the originators of the technology. Their factory is based in a kibbutz in Israel. They are currently buliding another factory around the corner to keep up with the worldwide demand for Dolphins! We have a good range in NZ that consists of the S Series (budget models) and the M Series (Supreme models). There really is a Dolphin for every pool and budget, You cant go wrong

OzoneSwim Perfect for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people with skin sensitivities. Ozone Swim combines the technologies of salt chlorination with a corona discharge Ozone Unit. Ozone kills chloramines (the bi product of chlorine) and also kills chlorine resistant organisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia. If your family suffers from any of the above or you want to run your pool on minimal chlorine then OzoneSwim is for you.

Focus chemicals are of the highest quality, With everything from chlorine to balancers and specialty lines, There is not much the range does not cover. Also from Focus we have a smart looking range of pool accessories including brooms, rakes, vacuum heads, telescopic poles and more.

Bellson pool lights have been around for a long time. Held in high regard within the industry you cannot go wrong with a Bellson.