UV Systems

Bird and animal droppings can contaminate your rooflines with micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and paracitic cysts leaving your water unsafe for drinking and has the potential to cause illness.

Davey Steriflo sytems generate ultraviolet (UV) light at 254 nanomaters, inactivating micro-organisms by damaging their DNA.  Without the ability to reproduce they cannot cause infection in humans.

Passing filtered water through a Steriflo unit exposes the organisms living in your rainwater tank to a dose of UV light which is sufficient to inactivate the vast majority of common water-borne threats.

UV treatment does not leave any residual chemicals in your dinking water and it is not possible to overdose. They are best placed in your line after any other treatment and just before use.

Domestic Steriflo UV systems are available in sizes from 11 to 130 litres per minute with commercial flow models also available up to 275m3/hr.